Building your Door Canopy

 ~ Design Your Door Canopy ~

Door Canopies:

Door Canopies:

Choosing your ideal door canopy is simple select the style of canopy you would like, making sure that you have gathered all of your measurements correctly

( please see our measuring guide for help if needed ).

Choose what colour Canopy Base you would like plain white or a colour maybe to match your colour of window frame eg, if you have rosewood windows, followed by what colour Canopy Roof you prefer eg: Black, Grey, Terracotta. (please see our colour chart for colours we have in stock) if you require any other colour we can match any colour with a ral number there will be an extra charge for this so please contact us for a price.

Canopy colour: Roof colour:

Standard White Grey

D/Plas ( Brilliant White ) Terracotta

Brown ( Mahogany ) Black


Light oak

Golden oak

Prices for coloured canopies bases differ from white.

Gallows Brackets:

Some of the canopies can be made in different lengths and projections so make sure that you select the size you require.
Canopies that are shown with integral gallows brackets can also be made without, if you do not wish to have them or you can add the type of gallows brackets preferred from the drop down MENU after you have selected your canopy.


There is also the option to have half or full columns to go with your canopy the half columns come in 2 styles (dental) in either square or round and (normal) in either square or round. The full round columns come fluted or plain again please make sure you have measured correctly for these if you need any further assistance please get in touch.

Decorative Glass Inserts:

Next there is an option to buy a glass insert with your canopy choose from any of the designs shown or email us if you would like to match the canopy insert to coordinate with the glass designs already on your property or just if you would like something a little different eg the name of your property. Make sure you add the door number if you would like it in the insert .

Fixing Kit:

We can provide a fixing kit if required, please add this to your basket at a seperate product.

Bow Window Canopies:

Our bow window canopies will fit opening sizes from 1200mm to 3400mm and come either inner Dental sytle or outer Dental style please see bow specs for all dimensions. Please specify what colour you require from the drop down MENU.

Colours to choose

Standard White

D/Plas ( Brilliant White )

Brown ( Mahogany )


Light oak

Golden oak

Prices for coloured canopies differ from white.

Low Height Bay window Canopies:

In case you have a low soffit we can make all of the size range of bow canopies into a low height which are 150mm high plus the up stand which can be cut down to your size requirement. Please select low height from the drop down MENU. There is an additional charge for low height canopies.

1350 to 2400 plus £60

2800 to 3400 plus £90

Bow Window Canopy Extra’s:

Lead Flashing Replacement, GRP Flashing Kit for all Size Bow Window canopies In White or Grey.

6” & 9” Gallows Brackets for Decorative Support for Bow Window Sill.

Select from drop down MENU.

Bay window Canopies:

Please contact us with your requirements.